Happy First Anniversary, Story Hospital!

Dear friends,

One year ago today, I took a deep breath and told everyone I knew to check out my new advice column for writers. In my personal blog, I wrote, “I am very nervous and excited! I’ve never done a Patreon thing before. And this project relies heavily on people sending in questions—if they don’t do that, I’m kind of sunk. But people are becoming patrons already, and tweeting lots about it… and I am optimistic.”

Today Story Hospital has 58 advice columns posted, and 59 patrons are contributing $162 a month toward its upkeep. I’m so proud of my little site, and so grateful to all of you for helping to keep it going.

If you’re a regular reader of Story Hospital, or if my advice has helped you, will you consider becoming a Patron today? Just $1/month—not per post, per month—gets you access to the priority request queue and quarterly patron-only posts (one of which is coming up at the end of this month), and you’ll get posts delivered right to your email inbox two days before the rest of the world sees them. If Patreon’s not your speed or you haven’t got the funds to spare, please give Story Hospital a shout-out in your personal social media spaces, or share a link to your favorite post from the archives. Every signal boost helps.

I had grand plans for an anniversary celebration; alas, personal matters have taken up all my time and energy lately, and I wasn’t able to see them through. In lieu of that, I’m opening my comments to all of you for an anniversary party. Please share a link to a piece of your own writing on the theme of kindness or satisfaction or joy or celebration. If that’s not the sort of thing you write, link to a piece of your writing that you feel good about and proud of. If you don’t have anything to link to or would rather not, leave a kind comment on someone else’s work. And tell me what tasty food or drink you’re bringing for the virtual potluck!

I hope this is the first of many, many anniversaries. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Story Nurse

This site is brought to you by my generous patrons on Patreon. Got a writing question? Ask the Story Nurse!

10 thoughts on “Happy First Anniversary, Story Hospital!

  1. Happy birthday, Story Hospital! Celebration and joy have not featured nearly often enough in my writing lately, but my virtual potluck contribution is rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes (super easy when you need to feed a crowd!).


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