#123: Writer’s Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Hello Story Nurse,I want to write a novel. But I'm stuck. I have previously published non-fiction work in thesis, publication, monograph and script format. To me this kind of writing is, if not easy, intuitive. Pitching what I'm writing to the right audience is my particular strength. I've written for experts in my field and … Continue reading #123: Writer’s Mind, Beginner’s Mind


#117: Story Beginning Choice Paralysis

Focus on the opener as the reader's introduction to your world, your characters, your plot, and your style. You want to make an accurate first impression while putting your best foot forward.

#14: Where Do Characters Come From?

Since your circumstances make writing a bit challenging for you, you're responding to that by sitting squarely in your comfort zone. Every writer does this from time to time, especially when starting out, and there's no shame in it. You just need to recognize that it's what you're doing, and consciously make the decision to make yourself uncomfortable in the service of your art.