#123: Writer’s Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Hello Story Nurse,I want to write a novel. But I'm stuck. I have previously published non-fiction work in thesis, publication, monograph and script format. To me this kind of writing is, if not easy, intuitive. Pitching what I'm writing to the right audience is my particular strength. I've written for experts in my field and … Continue reading #123: Writer’s Mind, Beginner’s Mind


#115: Getting Started Writing Original Fiction

You're asking me about how, but my questions back to you are about why. If you can grab hold of why you're focusing on writing original fiction and confirm that you really do want to be doing it, a lot of these pieces will fall into place.

#97: Blocked on Book Two

You may need to spend more time with your other book and find closure of some kind with it before you embark on a new project. You may need to develop some kind of parting ritual that frees you to move on.